Wednesday, October 03, 2007

4 AM!!!

and I'm still awake..
yup... I just can't seem to get to bed early..
seriously, how can I change this around so that I'll actually sleep a little earlier and get some more sleep.
Good thing it's a holiday tomorrow.. and good thing I have this whole week off to try change my time table around..

ok Really got to go and get some sleep...

being awake won't change anything!


  1. Ok, for starters, you could try to get up in the morning. Just maybe that will help you to sleep earlier, and the cycle will be advanced even if it is just by an hour or so... Or consider a morning job near home. Money always seems to motivate you.
    Think about it... so that I can get my cycle back as well.

  2. But it's so good to be able to sleep in ... don't you think so... ;)