Thursday, March 19, 2015


Since I have had more time to myself..
I've had time to organise much more and get rid of the things I've thought about getting rid of..
However, the indecisiveness sometimes gets in the way and some other reason pops into mind and I'm holding onto it again...

Been trying to hoard less and go minimalistic.. it's not perfect but I'm sort of making it work.
Got rid of a lot of books, things and went through the clothing, shoes and bags, put them in a box of 'throw away' and 'donate'. I should go through them again and get a pile of winter clothes to get rid of. It's not perfect, but it's getting there...

While I've been organising all the things, in my mind, I've been organising something else too..

My address book or contact list on my phone has names and contact info of people that I just don't keep in contact anymore.. mostly from old work and yes, there are people that I do keep in contact but there are the ones I don't. I did keep them just in case.. but as years go by, I really don't think they'll or I'll ever contact again.. so what's the use of keeping those names and numbers?

I'm trying to make things simpler and focus on what matters the most.. and it comes to where I just need to delete some of those that doesn't matter and make room for what does.. I've already deleted the apps that I'm not using but thought I might and had downloaded.. there still are way too many apps on my phone :P

Organising my address book made me think about all my friends that I hadn't contacted personally. Yes, we have Facebook, and other social medias that keeps us updated in their lives in general, but phone calls and emails and letters, I feel, are much more personal and they do bring a smile to your face. So, I'm slowly building and updating that as well.

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