Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Yes! It is about time... so to speak.. i've been off work for about 5 days now.. it's been good.. I think I've done tons of stuff and my schedule has been crazy even though I wasn't working.
Anyhoo.. for the past several days.. I've been to Busan for 3 days driving down and up again.. did some touring and visited my sick grandpa (he seems to be doing much better, so that's a relief) Have been to the airport to meet someone and get some stuff.. met the same person again a day later.. and now I'm at a hair salon getting waiting for my turn to do my hair...
Thinking of cutting it.. I guess I'll post the before and after pic.. OR NOT!
I will, though, upload my new hairdo.. I think.. I really need to find some time to get things done.. I mean really..
My sweet holidays are soon to be over.. I have 2 days left including today.. darn!
Well, it was sweet while it lasted..
thinking of gettting back to swimming and maybe jogging.. but that, hm.. I'll have to think more of..
Why can't life be simple and relaxing? why does it have to be so complicating..
but I guess that's what makes it interesting..

I'm sitting in front of the comp at the salon and they're playing 'No Promises' by Shayne Ward..
Well, my turns up.. so I'll have to get going..

will try to update soon!

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