Thursday, November 08, 2007

November 5th Meeting!

Book : "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer
Attendees : Liz, Susan, Catherine, Karen, & moi

The attendance was not really what I expected but oh well, it does happen.
I think we'll have more people join us on our next meeting. Seriously, for me it was really hard to get to the meeting since I wasn't feeling all myself that day. Still am a bit under the weather, really. Am feelling really fatigue and worn down. Anyhow, my report on the meeting....

Like I said and as we had promised we met at our usual meeting place, though Liz was so nice and went ahead to the Puffin Cafe and got us a nice big table. I was late, yes AGAIN, though this time it wasn't because I woke up late or was being lazy, though most of the time I'm not, anyway, since I wasn't feeling so good and my vision I guess kind of failed me I took the wrong bus and went in a totally different direction instead of where I was supposed to go. Now, if I had noticed it earlier I guess there might have been a chance for me to go back and get on the right bus, however, it was too late when I realized I was on the wrong bus and I had to take another bus, then go undergound which I don't enjoy too much lately and get to Kangnam Station.
Felt so bad because nobody at the coffee shop knew how to get to Puffin cafe and Liz was waiting for all of us to get there.
Be that as it may, we all got together in one piece and started to order our brunch and discuss about the book.

Owing to the fact that my weeks from late October (and it seems to me my hectic crazy schedue will continue to be so until the beginning of next year) has been so busy, yes I know it's a bad excuse but it is the truth, I could not finish reading the book. =(
I feel terrible. Though, I did get half way through. So, I'll be posting my review a bit later. Like I mentioned, I am a little bit preoccupied lately.

We did have a splendid discussion, I think.(I was abit out of it, but it was still good nonetheless) Sadly, we didn't have any discussion questions, (Should take into consideration that if we don't have any quesitons at the back of the book prepare before hand.. used to do that but forgot this time) Everybody seemed to like the book. Yes, I did too, though I'd like to save my review.

We stayed quite a long time can't remember till what time but we did spend couple of hours there. Then headed to Itaewon and went our own ways. Me, I had a concert to go to. It was the St. Marc Little Boys Choir, the boys who were in the movie 'The Chorus' (2005). It was a French movie and I think they were awarded something, can't quite remember what exactly though. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it is one of the movies that is on my list to watch.

The Concert was superb! The first song, don't know the name of it, made me weep. Ok, it does sound bad, huh? Well, I couldn't help it their voices were so angelic, so pure, and moving. It really touched the core of my heart, squeezed it and made me get goosebumps all over my body. Now, that was not because I was sick. It was really magnificient. They really touched me. And it wasn't just the first one that made me shed tears there were others.. maybe I'm just too sensitive but it was fabulous to go and listen to them sing.

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