Monday, July 30, 2007


I found myself celebrating birthdays every year one way or the other - with family or friends.. But also realize that I do forget to count and always have to do a simple arithmetic to figure out the age.. It isn't that it's hard to keep up with the count. I mean how hard is adding one to every year. It's only that the idea of age and number is completely disregarded and forgotten.

Another thing about birthdays are presents. No one hates receiving presents.. yes, I too like to receive them and am happy to receive them and appreciate them. But what is it's meaning? Do we have to get them? Can't we just enjoy the time we spend together?

While writing this.. the "Happy Unbirthday to me" song popped into my head... You know, the one the rabbits(?) sing at the tea party that Alice (Alice in Wonderland) walks into.. Can't we celebrate 364 days of unbirthdays plus the 1 birthday?
Wouldn't that make everyday.. joyous.. and celebratory?

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